Central Asia’s earthquake activity has long been recognized as one of the highest in the world. A significant portion of the Kyrgyz Republic’s (KR) territory is expected to be exposed to earthquakes of magnitude 7.5 or higher per Richter scale (corresponding to the shaking intensity 9 per MSK-64 scale). The territory of the KR was subjected to several damaging earthquakes, including the 1992 Sysamyr earthquake (magnitude 7.3). In the period from June 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010, the country experienced 2,398 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or higher. 

The primary purpose of this Manual is to provide technical guidance through the seismic retrofit process for typical RC and masonry school buildings in the KR. The retrofit techniques have been selected keeping in mind the capacity of local construction industry, financial sustainability, and availability of materials in local or easily accessible markets. Seismic analysis and design have been presented in a manner suitable for engineering professionals. Ample illustrations have been provided to clarify the theory and field applications. The Manual is compliant with the local seismic and design codes, but relevant international codes and guidelines have also been referenced.  

The main objective of the Manual is to support the Government of KR in implementing the ongoing State School Safety Program. The goals of the Manual are to: 1) Describe building typologies for RC and masonry schools in the KR and identify their seismic deficiencies, 2) Describe seismic retrofit techniques and schemes for structural elements in masonry and RC school buildings in the KR, 3) Discuss construction procedures and implementation challenges, and 4) Present design case studies to illustrate seismic retrofit process for structural elements in RC and masonry schools.

The audience for this publication are primarily engineers engaged in seismic retrofitting projects of schools in the KR, including the Ministry of Education technical staff, the State Institute for Earthquake Engineering and Design (GIISSiIP), the State Agency for Architecture, Construction, and Housing-Communal Services (Gosstroy KR), and the structural engineering and construction professionals in the KR.  

It is expected that the use of Manual and field implementation of seismic retrofitting of school buildings will improve the seismic safety of the KR’s population, however the direct beneficiaries of the Manual are students, teachers, and preschool children


Manual Name:Practical Seismic Design and Construction Manual for Retrofitting Schools in the Kyrgyz Republic
Authors:Dr. Svetlana Brzev – professor, University of British Columbia
Ulugbek Begaliev – Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Rector of International University of Innovation Technologies, President of International Association of Experts of Earthquake Engineering

Manual Date: 2018/01/01
Country: Kyrgyz Republic
World Bank Project: Urban Development Project

Language: English
Official Source: Manuals in English



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